How to avoid wedding invitation mistakes like a pro?

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With all the wedding preparations going around you in full swing, it is okay to feel a little bit overwhelmed. On top of that, if you are going to do something as small as designing or writing invitations for the first time, you are bound to make wedding invitation mistakes.  But do we want that? Not really! This is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and we want everything to be exactly like what you have dreamed of. No compromises, no errors, and no misinformed guests.

Take out your laptop, computer, pen, pencil, and paper, or anything! Follow our expert recommendations to avoid all the wedding invitation mistakes and send out the invites like a pro to make everyone go WOAH!

1. Wrong information-not a sensible choice

A wedding day is not just any other ordinary day. We want you to be all jolly and happy for the big day but there are some tasks that you should be concerned about before the ceremony. The first thing you should do is to confirm the phone numbers, names, and ceremony time beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings on the big day. To avoid misinforming and mistakes, double-check everything once your draft wedding invitation arrives. Print the draft wedding invitation and double-check if all the information is there. Ask any of your super-oriented friends to check it for you too.

2. Sending the invites too late or too early

Some couples in the bliss of their excitement send the wedding cards way too early. This is not a smart move because once the cards are out, they are out and you cannot make any more amendments. On the contrary, some couples send the cards too late which doesn’t give the guests ample time to map out the wedding preparations.

This is a frequent wedding invitation mistake that needs to be avoided. The ideal time for sending out the wedding invites is 7-8 weeks in advance.

3. Loading the cards with too much information

Let’s suppose you have received a wedding invite from a friend and it contains more words than available space, how would you feel? We will get confused at the first sight! Jammed-up wedding invitation cards look so unattractive and don’t even convey the message properly.

Make sure that you choose the design template that looks aesthetic and visually appealing. Ask your graphic designer to include only the “necessary” information and exclude all the irrelevant pieces of info. Proper spacing is the key to a good wedding invite. Remember that.

4. Ordering the wrong number of wedding invites

Make sure that you count the number of guests correctly before ordering the wedding cards.
Remember that most of your guests will be in “couples”. Group each into couples/ partners/ households and count them up.

5. Wrong typos and spelling mistakes

Although this point doesn’t need any introduction, please check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending out the wedding card. Seeing spelling mistakes ruins the overall vibes of the wedding invite and you surely don’t want that.

Here’s a bonus tip for you: even if you are not a professional writer, head over to our blog on how to proofread wedding invitations and follow the list when you are getting ready to sign off your wedding invitation.

6. Not specifying who is invited

This is a recurrent wedding invitation mistake and we don’t blame you for that. There is just not enough information available for it on the internet. We have asked our experts to derive the perfect scheme for this. According to them, you should specify the invited people by their names. For example; If they are invited solely, just write to Mr or Mrs John. But if they are invited as a family consider writing like “Mr John and fam”. Furthermore, you need to provide RSVP instructions in order to get a response and never forget to put a stamp on the envelope.


Your wedding invitation cards depict your tale of love and wedding essence. Make sure to choose the words, design, and templates wisely and aesthetically. 

We are sure that this list of common wedding invitation mistakes will help you in organizing and planning your wedding. For more valuable wedding tips and tricks, subscribe to our newsletter. We would love to welcome you there!

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