10 popular wedding themes to pick from

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Are you on the quest to find the most trending and popular wedding themes of 2021?

Do you wish to make your special day a perfect embodiment of your unique style?

If you are nodding with your head then you have landed in the right place!

Defining a wedding theme that will reflect your personality is extremely important for conducting a successful nuptial event. It sets the TONE of the whole wedding and also plays a huge role in aesthetics. However, with a plethora of themes jumping on the bandwagon, it becomes quite daunting to select which one will suit your style perfectly.

Do you prefer to tie the knot in a romantic backyard elopement or a rustic-inspired wedding? Maybe you have been daydreaming about saying “I do” in front of the magnificent Eiffel Tower at a destination wedding? Have you ever wondered how romantic and beautiful it would be to have a classic themed wedding? Or how the glamorous and tropical beach weddings in the far-flung lush green islands of Costa Rica will take away your breath at a single glance? Yes, we’ve all been there just imagining the ideal scenario!

So if you are thinking about how to personalize the most iconic celebration of your life, we have you covered! Below you will discover some of the best wedding themes that we have narrowed down for you. The following ideas will help you to find your own unique aesthetic and style:

1. Classical

The timeless wedding theme for all lovers!                                                                                           

Selecting a soft colour palette, an elegant pearl white fit and flare or mermaid silhouette, subtle floral arrangement, and textured placemats set the perfect foundation for a classical wedding.

The best part about selecting this elegant espousal theme is that it allows you to choose the perfect touches that complement your individuality. The ultra-fine shades of pink and white flowers, elegant metal flatware, and straight chairs in perfect contrast with bold napkins and modernist crystal table centrepieces will create a perfect classical setting.


2. Tropical

The tropical aesthetic is all about fresh and exotic flowers, colourful settings, urban settings, coastal décor, lots of fruity cocktails, and delicious coconut sweets!

The bright consummate flowers like Orchids, Peruvian Lilies, and Daisies are widely incorporated in the décor to create major tropical vibes. We just love the vibrancy of this style! It has become one of the most popular and trending wedding themes mainly due to fresh and unique designs; ranging from palm leaves, tropical fruits to delicious luau barbecue.

You can even personalize the entire wedding day by decorating the wooden chairs with tropical garlands and utilizing palm leaves for name cards. How amazing does that sound?


3. Rustic

A rustic wedding affair is usually characterized by mason jars, birch vases, barn venues, and unique ornate elements with the perfect touch of polished whimsical sophistication.

If the thought of getting married in a countryside-inspired wedding or chuppah excites you, this theme is the perfect fit for you. You can even attach a stone fireplace and organic wooden elements like naturally crafted tables and chairs to add more elegance.


4. Modern

Are you looking forward to a super chic aesthetic and fashion-forward styling?

Modern-themed-inspired celebrations have become a huge hit in recent years. The graphic monochrome colour scheme, clean lines, fresh beautiful flowers, and unique contemporary design forms the basis of this popular wedding theme.

If you are a lover of trends and want to create a contemporary wedding style, this is the perfect choice for you.

The modern-inspired design also provides you with the flexibility to try new and unique things that suit your exact style and preference.


5. Travel/ Destination

Have you ever thought about getting married near crystal clear blue waters and picturesque the Caribbean and Pacific beaches of Mexico? Immersing into the lavender fields in Provence? Maybe exploring the Amalfi Coast or Santorini? Or even tying the knot on some white-sand Bahamas Island that resembles a piece of heaven on Earth?

We are sure you are dreaming about these beautiful breathtaking places!                                    

Destination weddings have hugely taken over the trends and it is safe to say they are totally worth it. Celebrating your nuptial rite with the love of your life with your feet touching the velvety fine-grained sand granules, while your eyes gaze upon the most beautiful island is a magical feeling. Ahh, what a dream!


6. Bohemian

Woodland nymphs, wild romantic vibes, the perfect combination of vintage, rustic and modern décor? Yes, Please!

The intense shade of earthy brown colours creates the perfect boho-chic effect. Crystals and quartz are placed on reception tables to create enchanting effects. Forget about traditions and uniquely curate your love story by incorporating an authentic celestial bohemian wedding theme for your big day.


7. Glamorous

Opting for a luxurious big day with on-trend inspiration? Glamorous wedding themes are at your service!

If you want to have an over-the-top and the most memorable event of your life, hosting a modern glam party is the perfect option for you. This popular wedding theme comprises marbled invitations, gold and pink colour palette, and elegant venues that have intricate ceilings, decorative walls, and symmetrical architecture to display your chosen aesthetics.


8. Romantic

A romantic wedding is the dream of every couple. Slow dancing under the mighty sky full of bright stars and constellations, the crescent moon admiring your love and eyes locked with each other. We are sure that sounds pretty romantic, right?

You can create the whole vibe by choosing romantic venues that display ethereal beauty and charm. Furthermore, you can opt for a gorgeous garden backdrop accompanied with fluorescent fairy lights, best-scented candles, and ambient music. Your wedding is all about celebrating your love and hosting a romantic-themed party will portray how much you are head over heels in love with your partner.


9. Nautical

Inserting nautical details on your big day will add a timeless elegant touch to your wedding theme.

The nautical-themed aesthetic consists of all the beautiful soothing shades of blue such as; Teal, Cerulean, Navy, Azure, Sapphire, Arctic, and Turquoise. You can even contrast it with emerald or jade green to create the perfect combination for your stationery and logos!

There are plenty of ways to add nautical details to your celebration like; choosing a subtle oceanic blue bridal dress, a sailboat crest, ocean-ready décor, and the traditional sailor’s knot. We bet it will be a huge hit!


10. Country

Last but not least on our list of the best wedding themes in 2021 is the Country inspired ambience. This theme is characterized by the perfect balance of rustic, autumn, and outdoor styling inspiration. The mason-star string lights, barnyard wedding venues, jewel-toned & rust palette ( also sage green, earth tones, shades of grey, and oyster white) create the strong yet romantic country vibe.


Pick Your Wedding Theme

Hope the above-mentioned popular wedding themes prove to be of immense help when you are envisioning your big day. Which one do you like the most? In the end, the best choice is the one that suits you and your partner’s style perfectly. After all, a well-curated theme is a tone that binds the whole ambience together and proves to be a huge game-changer, so choose wisely! 

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