Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Maui Tropical Save the Date Video Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template
Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template

Destination Wedding Video Save the Date Template

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Elevate the anticipation for your beach or island wedding with our tropical save-the-date video template. Ideal for a beach or island setting, it's a captivating invitation for your guests to join in your joyous union amidst the allure of a tropical paradise.

Creating personalized invitations has never been easier with this customisable template, available on the free Canva app. With just a few clicks, you can modify the text, add personal images and music to match your unique style and story. You don't need any advanced design skills or expensive software to make a stunning video. Simply edit the template in Canva's Free App, which can be accessed on desktop, smartphone or tablet – no pro version required.



✅ Make any changes to your text.

✅ Add or remove blocks of text.

✅ Adjust the font type, and edit your text's colour, size, and position.

✅ Add your own photos and music.

🚫 Cannot change template size, orientation, animation or graphics.

1. Purchase this listing. Following the successful transaction, a confirmation email will be sent to you, containing a direct link to download a PDF file.

2. Open the PDF file and click on the link provided to copy the template to your Canva account.

If you don’t have a free Canva Account, you’ll need to create one first. Once you have access, you can edit the template and download it in MP4 format.

3. Send it via email, WhatsApp or social media.

***Just a heads up: If you’re using an iPhone to send a video invitation to an Android device, sending it as an MMS won’t work. The video quality could become blurry for the recipient due to varying data capabilities among phone carriers.

❗Invitations sold on Creative Things Studio are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and cannot be resold for any reason.

Enhance your animated invitation by upgrading it with our exclusive Personalized Web Page that includes an Online RSVP form.

This add-on is designed to seamlessly guide your guests by incorporating essential details. Your personalized webpage will feature a live countdown to your event, an option to add the event to a calendar, and clickable links for hotel bookings, venue directions, or gift registries. This ensures that every aspect of your guest's journey is covered.

Additionally, your web page may include an online RSVP form that allows for instant guest responses, a details card, or a schedule with the order of events.

Share your personalized URL with ease through text, email, or WhatsApp, allowing guests to access your mobile-friendly webpage instantly.

Manage your guest list effortlessly with our secure dashboard, where RSVPs are neatly compiled into an exportable spreadsheet.

Explore our sample webpage to discover how you can offer a flawless and engaging experience for your friends and family.



We invite you to try out our sample invitation video template on Canva. You can learn how to use the app and explore its various features.

Enjoy designing your invitation before purchasing a premium Canva invitation video template from us.

Sample Video Template:

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial:

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  • What is Canva?  Canva is an online design platform that can be accessed through desktop, tablet, and mobile apps. It offers a plethora of design options for a variety of products.
  • Can I edit from my phone or tablet? You can access the Canva App on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet without requiring a pro version. Canva is available on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • For the best user-friendly editing experience, we suggest using the desktop version.
  • Do I have to download fonts or software? No need to download any fonts - Canva is a web-based platform that already includes a variety of fonts. To edit the template on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to download the Canva App, which is available for free.
  • What can I edit? You can edit any text, this includes adding or deleting content, adjusting the font, color, size, and position. Upload your own photos and music.
  • What CAN'T I change? The animation and the graphics are not editable. The template size and orientation can’t be changed. Test the FREE SAMPLE video template to see what you can customize!
  • Can I add a clickable link to my video invite? At present, it’s not possible to include clickable links in video files. However, you can use the wedding website card to add any necessary links.
  • What methods can I use to send the PDF for the wedding website card? You have the option to send your PDF through WhatsApp or email. However, please note that there are certain restrictions when using text messaging for this purpose. Specifically, PDF attachments can only be sent from an iPhone to another iPhone. Sending a PDF from an iPhone to an Android device is not supported at this time for document transfers.
  • Can I remove the photo from the invite? Yes, it is possible to remove the photo page in Canva and keep only the slides with text for your invite. Just delete the page containing the photo.
  • Can I resell the templates I purchased from Creative Things Studio in my own stationery shop? Invitations sold on Creative Things Studio are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and cannot be resold for any reason.


Say goodbye to licking and sticking envelopes, writing addresses, and physically mailing out your invites. With just a few clicks, you can instantly edit your animated invite after purchase, download it, and send it out via WhatsApp, email, or share on social media. So you can focus on enjoying your engagement and planning the rest of your wedding.


Designing your own animated wedding invite has never been easier with our Canva’s video template. 

Make the template truly yours by adding your own details, photos, and music with just a few clicks. No design experience is needed!


Avoid the expenses and time-consuming process of hiring a professional designer. An Animated Invitation Template allows you to create a breathtaking announcement that rivals bespoke designs without breaking the bank.



Easily customize your animated invite template using's online editor. The editor is accessible from your desktop computer, as well as your mobile and tablet devices.


MAKE IT YOURS - As soon as you buy your video template, you can start customizing it! Just head over to using a browser on your desktop computer, or the Canva App on your mobile or tablet and you'll be able to change the text, typography and colours and even add your own picture and music. It's a breeze and happens in a snap! 

DOWNLOAD - Once you're happy with your creation, download your video in mp4.

SHARE THE JOY - Time to get the word out about your event! Share your fabulous animated invite with friends and family through email, WhatsApp, or social media. It's the easiest and most personal way to connect with everyone on your guest list.