Wedding Invitation Wording - The Complete Guide With Templates

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Now that you have picked out your stationary aesthetic, it is time for the wedding invitation wording. It is natural to feel confused at first and struggle to come up with ways to write the perfect invitations, but we assure you it is quite simple. To clear the path of confusion, we’ve curated a complete guide including general rules, tips, and most importantly - templates for you to customize and use!


7 Essentials to include in the wedding invitation

When it comes to curating the wedding invitation wording, ultimately there are 7 guidelines that need to be followed in order to present the information clearly, so let’s dive in!

`blush navy wedding invitation template

1. Who will be hosting your wedding

The first essential is the names of those who host your wedding. Most commonly, that would be the bride’s parents, but of course, you can include whoever you like! For example, name yourself and your fiancée, both of your families, stepparents, or any member of your family. In other words, the opening line should encompass the names of the people of your choice who welcome the guests.

2 . A request to attend your wedding

The next step is to express your delight or pleasure in them coming to your special day of course! If it is more of a traditional ceremony, a formal expression would be advised but that is always up to you. Let’s say if your wedding is more of a modern character, then use casual words. At the end of the day, it is all about how you sincerely feel and how you want to approach them.

tropical wedding invitation template set

3. The names of the engaged couple

In most cases, what follows is the name of the bride then the name of the groom. If it is a same-sex union, a guiding point can be which combination of names rings better or maybe even opt for alphabetical order!

4. The location where the wedding will take place

There are several choices in this case. If your guests are for example from the same city or know it well, you can only list the city and the venue, but if the guest list is more diverse - formally you would have to include the whole address and postcode. Luckily with the internet giving us access to almost anything, people can easily navigate to find the venue!

Fall Wedding Invitation template

5. Date & Time of the event

Naturally, the guests would need to know when to arrive, so next on our wedding invitation wording list is the time & date format. We recommend sticking to a clear format for better comprehension of the exact info given, you wouldn’t want any confusion regarding these important details!

6. Reception

Your guests have to be informed about where exactly the reception will be held, additionally, if you wish - include how long it is expected to last.


sunflowers rsvp card


In addition to the invitations, it is also handy to send a separate RSVP card by which the guests can fill out and mail the card back to you.

Another tip would be to include the Rsvp on your wedding website or electronic wedding invitation, your guests can simply follow your instructions and reply by text message, email, or within your event website.

Wedding Invitation Wording Templates

To make your task easier, we’ve compiled different wedding invitation wording templates for you to freely use, ranging from formal to informal. (They can be easily customized and tailored to your liking!)

Do you wish easy and at-hand access to this guide with the templates? Then all you need to do is sign up and you will receive it in your inbox! But if you still haven’t chosen the styling of your invites, feel free to take a look at our template collection HERE. To elevate your game even further, discover our animated invitations collection which is guaranteed to charm your guests.

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