The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist With a Printable Template

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Wedding planning can be stressful and it is completely natural to feel overwhelmed in the beginning, so what would be a lifesaver, in this case, is having a wedding planning checklist!


In all the fuss of balancing the “I just got engaged” thrill and sorting all of your ideas, it is important to remember what matters to you both as a couple and find guidance to approach the whole process. Instead of focusing on brainstorming and spending hours upon hours curating the best list to help you; we want you to feel excited and joyful as you navigate through it all. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed 12-month wedding planning checklist that will save you valuable time!

We’ve organized the wedding planning checklist in a way that covers a carefully designed task-list. Every task is listed according to its optimal place in the months’ schedule so you get the best performance out of every single detail. Have you wondered where you should begin? What comes next? When to organize legal documents? How soon to start with food sampling? How soon to send the invitations? Well, we’ve composed the checklist in a way that every task is put in its perfect timetable. Your secret to stress-free planning will be working your way through it. Not only that will make absolutely sure nothing is left to chance but will also transform everything into an easy guided experience.

12 Months Before

wedding planning 12 month before

9 Months Before

wedding planning 9 months before

6-8 Months Before

wedding planning six months before

3-5 Months Before

wedding planning 3-5 months before

2 Months Before

wedding planning 2 months before

1 Month Before

wedding planning 1 month before

Wedding Week

wedding planning - wedding week

We want to help brides get ready for their wedding by providing this quicker and more efficient way of dividing their plans without any headache. You can focus on browsing the perfect gown in peace without worrying about whether you forgot to send all the invitations. So relax, get our wedding planning checklist, and complete every task at its proper timing!

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