QR Code Wedding Invitations: Why You Need One for Your Special Day

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QR code wedding invitations are becoming increasingly popular, and you may wonder if they are a good option for your wedding. From save the dates to thank you cards, QR codes offer a unique way to share information with guests. Plus, they're easy to use - all your guests need is a smartphone, and they can scan the code to get all the details about your big day.

This blog post will cover what QR code wedding invitations are, how to create them and we will also provide some tips for using them effectively.

QR code wedding invitations

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a machine-scannable image that can instantly be read using a Smartphone camera. Adding one to your wedding invitations makes it much easier for your guests to RSVP - they won't need to type out a full URL address - they have to snap a photo of the code, and they'll be taken directly to where they need to be! 

How do you create a QR Code for an RSVP card or Invite

Generating a QR code has never been simpler; my go-to site is qr-code-generator.com, which lets you make one in less than 3 minutes - fast and convenient enough for even the busiest wedding planner!

When to use a QR Code wedding invitation

Here are some situations when using a QR code might be helpful:

  1. When you have a very long URL or website link that you want to share with your guests but don't want them to have to type it out manually.
  2. If you are housing most of the details about the event on your website and need to provide easy access for your guests.
  3. If you require online RSVPs from your guests and don't want them to have to type out a long-form URL.
  4. If you are utilizing an online hotel block booking system, the links for these systems are usually very long and hard to remember or type out manually.
  5. If you want your guests to access additional information about the venue, such as location, directions, dress code etc.
  6. If you have set up a registry page or donation page that you would like your guests to check out quickly without having to look up separate URLs.

QR code on wedding invitations

 Why use QR Code wedding invitations

 Using QR code wedding invitations provide several advantages, including: 

• Time savings, as guests, can quickly scan the code and instantly RSVP; 

• Paper savings, since an online RSVP does away with physical RSVP cards or envelopes; 

• Cost savings, since you won't have to pay for printing, paper postage or envelopes.

How to add a QR Code on wedding invitations 

  1. Create a wedding website or an online RSVP form for your guests and get the URL. 
  2. Use a free QR code generator to enter the URL and generate the QR code (www.qr-code-generator.com). 
  3. Save the generated image of the QR code in jpeg or PNG. 
  4. Add the saved QR code to your wedding invitations. 
  5. Test that the QR code can be read correctly by scanning it before printing your invitations.

 Finally, an extra tip for you.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but it doesn't always have to be! 

You'll find the perfect wedding invitation template at our shop, whether classic and traditional or fun and modern. 

What makes them even better? You can easily add a QR code, right in Corjl's online editor. All you do is click on the "add image" button, and voila - your wedding invite is ready with a shiny new QR code included. This feature will ensure you get RSVPs flying in before you know it – what could be more charming than that? So make planning your special day more enjoyable using the QR code feature today; be ready to send out those invitations with confidence and ease!

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