Electronic Wedding Invitations – Why All The Fuss?

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For a long time we’ve all held onto something romantic in the idea of a physical invitation that you can hold in your hand, but it’s time to break the myth that an electronic invitation is any less special, beautiful or personal. Here are 5 good reasons to go electronic…


1. Save time & hassle

Think about all that licking and sticking of envelopes, digging out addresses and writing them over and over until your hand cramps, and then physically mailing them all… It’s all massively time-consuming and definitely not one of the high points of wedding planning! Our animated electronic invitations can be ordered just a few days in advance of sending them out (we offer 10 day and 2 day delivery options), and you can instantly share them with your friends and family via WhatsApp, email, text message or social media. Job done!

 electronic wedding invitation

2. RSVPs are a breeze!

RSVPs have never been so simple – for you, and for your guests. Rather than having to fill out a card and mail it back to you, guests can RSVP directly via email or text message, or from your website. This makes it so much easier for you to plan and budget, and cuts out all the waiting, wondering and nudging for a firm yes or no! Both you and your guests will love it.


3. Something a little different

Our designs are beautiful, chic and professional, so there’s no need to compromise. You can customise your invitations to reflect your personality and tastes, and even add your own photos and music, so you really are creating something original, personal and innovative, and your guests will be blown away.

 wedding stationary

4. Everything comes together

For ultimate theme harmony, it’s easy to create save-the-dates, wedding invites and wedding stationery that all tie together around the same design. Your theme sets the tone for your day, so fully coordinated invitations and stationery add that personal touch of attention to detail.


5. Leave it to us

In short, why not let us take a job off your hands? All you have to do is send us all the details and we’ll edit the design for you, turning it into something unique and personal. When you already have a wedding checklist a mile long, anything that saves you time is an absolute win!


So as you plan and prep, this is one decision you can make that will set you free to get excited, rather than stressed and overwhelmed. Our electronic invitations are not only effortlessly stylish and original, but they also make your life so much easier in the run up to your big day so that you have the headspace to actually enjoy it. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

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