Add a clickable link to one digital invite

Add a clickable link to one digital invite

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Purchase this listing to add a clickable link to 1 ( one ) Corjl Electronic Invitations. If you need to add a link to more than one invitation, please purchase more quantities of this Adds-On. 

Important! Please note that this service is exclusively available for digital invitations purchased from Creative Things Studio. Your invitation will be delivered as PDF file, which is currently the only format that supports clickable links.

You can send the PDF via WhatsApp or email, but there are some limitations when sending via text. You can only send PDFs from an Android device to another Android device or from an iPhone to another iPhone. Unfortunately, you cannot send a PDF from an iPhone to an Android device as it is not supported for documents.

This service is not available for animated invitations video since video files currently do not support clickable links.


1. Purchase this listing.

2. Download your invitation from Corjl in Jpeg. Include the link address in the invite. Send your invitation via email to

3. Within 3 days, you will receive your invitation via email.

    We cannot provide refunds after the delivery of a digital file due to the nature of the product. You are paying for a customization service and the time taken to personalize your item.