What Are Save The Date Invite Cards? Essential Tips For Couples

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When you start planning your wedding, one of the first tasks on your to-do list is to send out save the date cards. But what exactly is a save the date, and what does save the date mean? Imagine this: you've picked the perfect weekend for your wedding, only to find out your favourite uncle has booked a holiday for the same time! That's exactly why save the date cards are so crucial. They are your pre-wedding heads-up to friends and family, making sure everyone blocks their calendar to celebrate your big day. Let's dive into what save the dates are, why they matter, and how to craft them perfectly.

What Is A Save The Date?

A save the date card is your way of letting guests know the wedding date well in advance before the formal invitation follows. It's not just an announcement—it's the first step in organizing your wedding, ensuring your guests have ample time to plan their attendance.

The Importance Of Sending Save The Date Cards

  • Advance Notice: Particularly important for destination weddings or weddings during peak vacation periods, save the dates give your guests ample time to schedule and budget for your big day.
  • Secures Your Guest List: By sending a save the date, you can get a preliminary feel for who will likely be able to attend your wedding, which can help with planning and budgeting.

Creative Ideas For Save The Date Wording

The wording for your save the dates can be as formal or playful as you like, reflecting your personality and the tone of your wedding. Some couples include cute poems, puns, or a simple, straightforward message. Remember, the goal is to make it memorable and personal.

  • Traditional: "Please reserve the date of [Date] for the wedding of [Full Name] and

[Full Name]. A formal invitation will follow."

  • Elegant: "We request the pleasure of your company on [Date]. Details to follow.



  • Classic: "Bless us with your presence on [Date] as we walk down the holy aisle.

[Names]. Invitation to follow."

  • Devout: "Join us for a sacred celebration of love on [Date]. [Names]. More details to come."


  • Travel-themed: "Destination [Location] awaits! Save [Date] for our wedding

adventure. Formal invitation to follow. [Names]"

  • Adventure-focused: "Let the adventure begin! We're getting married in [Location] on [Date], and you're invited!"


  • Contemporary: "Mark your calendars! [Names] are tying the knot on [Date]. Stay

tuned for more details!"

  • Chic: "Get ready for the wedding of the year! Save [Date] and stay tuned. [Names]"


  • Novel: "Circle [Date] for our big day! Join us for a celebration of love and laughter.


  • Original: "Save the Date: [Date] for an unforgettable celebration. [Names]"

Playful Funny

  • Humorous: "Book the date! [Date] for good food, great music, and bad dancing.


  • Witty: "Keep [Date] free for the wedding of the century. You've been warned!


Choosing The Right Save The Date Card

When selecting your save the date cards, consider the various types available to best match the style and theme of your upcoming wedding. Each save the date offers unique benefits and can be tailored to reflect your personal taste and wedding aesthetic.

Animated Save The Dates:

Our animated save the dates are a perfect choice for those looking for a dynamic and modern way to announce their wedding date. Available in our shop, these can be personalized with your details, favorite music, and photos. This type of save the date adds a touch of personal flair and excitement, allowing your guests to experience more than just a static image.

Digital Save The Dates:

Ideal for the eco-conscious couple, digital save the dates can be easily sent via text or email. Not only do they save paper, but they are also cost[1]effective and immediate. With a variety of designs available, you can choose one that fits your wedding's theme and tone while being kind to the planet.

Traditional Paper Save The Dates:

For those who appreciate the tactile sensation of paper, traditional paper save the dates are still a popular choice. Our shop offers a range of printable invites that you can DIY at home, giving you the freedom to personalize every aspect of your save the date. Whether you're printing them professionally or at home, you can select from several beautiful designs that cater to your unique style.

No matter which type you choose, your save the date is your guests' first glimpse into your wedding—it sets the tone and builds anticipation for your big day. Consider what impression you want to leave and select a format that aligns with both your personal style and the logistics of your event planning.

Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Save The Date Cards:

Your save the date invitation must be as flawless as the wedding day itself. Given the significance of the big day, there is no room for making errors when it comes to creating save the date cards. Below are a few common mistakes to avoid:

Waiting Too Long To Design:

It's important to take enough time to decide on the logo design for your wedding card, so that it coordinates well with the theme. However, spending too much time can result in rushed decisions and delayed delivery. We suggest starting the process early to ensure a quality design and timely delivery.

Unveiling the Best Time to Send Save the Dates: 5 Tips Revealed

Overcrowding Information:

Keep your save-the-date card simple and minimalist to engage your guests. Only include essential details like the couple's name, wedding date, and destination to ensure that your guests will read and take note of the important information.

Overlooking Proof-Reading:

It's crucial to proofread save the date cards to avoid embarrassing mistakes with names, dates, and locations.

Not Ordering The Extras:

It is advisable to order extra cards to account for unexpected guests. This will ensure that you never run out of cards and eliminate the hassle of making rush re-orders.

Save The Date Cards- A Mandatory Part Of The Wedding Invitation?

This is a common question for those who are unsure whether they should include save-the-date cards in their wedding invitation. While it's not mandatory, we highly recommend including them. Save-the-date cards are an excellent way to set the tone for your wedding and inform your guests about the big day. They also ensure that your guests have ample time to make the necessary arrangements to attend your wedding.

Additionally, these exclusive cards serve as a gesture of regard to your guests, compelling them to participate in the joyous occasion.

Sending save the date cards to your guests can help them complete their preparations in a timely manner. This is particularly useful if you're planning a wedding in a distant location or outside the country. Save the date cards can ensure that your guests do not miss your special day simply because they did not plan their travel arrangements in advance. These cards can help your loved ones make necessary arrangements such as taking time off from work or postponing their annual trips. They will appreciate the advanced notice and have ample time to prepare for your wedding celebration.

Wrapping It Up

Save the date cards are more than just a preliminary notice—they are an integral part of your wedding journey, setting the tone and expectations for your special day. By incorporating the tips above and injecting personal touches, you ensure your wedding remains highlighted on everyone's calendar. Now that you understand the ins and outs of save the dates, you're ready to start sending out your own. Get creative and have fun with it—the countdown to your wedding day has officially begun!

FAQs: All About Save The Dates

Who Gets A Save The Date?

Everyone who definitely wants to attend your wedding should receive one. This includes family members, friends, and essential attendees.

When To Send Save The Date Cards?

The timing of sending out save the dates can be crucial. For Local Weddings: Typically, send them out six to eight months before the wedding. For Destination Weddings: It's advisable to send them out even earlier, about nine to twelve months in advance, to allow guests more time to book travel arrangements.

Do You Ask For An RSVP On A Save The Date?

No, save the dates do not require an RSVP. That's typically requested with the formal invitation.

What Types Of Save The Dates Are Available?

There are several options, including digital, animated, online, and printable save the dates—like those available in our shop.

Is It Ok To Email My Save The Dates?

Absolutely! Emailing save the dates is more eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can also send digital invites via text.

Does Our Save The Date Have To Match Our Wedding Invitation?

Not necessarily. While some prefer a cohesive look, your save the date can be unique or thematic in its own right.

Do I Have To Send Someone A Wedding Invitation If I Sent Them A Save The Date?

Yes, sending a save the date does imply that a formal invitation will follow. It's considered good etiquette to follow through.

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