The Best 10 Passport Wedding Invitations for Travel Lovers, Approved by Couples

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Transport your guests to your dream destination with our top 10 Passport wedding invitations that couples love. Dive into unique designs and expert tips for an unforgettable first impression and ignite the excitement for your special day. Let your invitation be the ticket to your love adventure!


Destination weddings are a dream come true for many couples, offering an intimate celebration against the backdrop of a stunning locale. Passport wedding invitations are the key to unlocking an adventurous journey towards your destination wedding, blending excitement and essential information into a single elegant package.

We've seen a surge in destination weddings in idyllic locations like Italy, Mexico, and Hawaii, it's evident that couples are seeking unique ways to make their celebrations memorable. As you begin planning such an event, the first impression you make on your guests is essential.

Every Love Story Is Unique, And So Should Be Your Passport Invitation

The perfect invitation not only shares the logistical details of your big day but also captures the essence of your chosen destination and that's where passport wedding invitations come into play. These unique invites are more than just a piece of paper; they're a ticket to an unforgettable adventure.

Dive in as we explore some of the finest passport wedding invitations that promise to whisk your guests away, even before the actual day and make them as excited as you are!

passport wedding invitation template

Passport-style Printable Invitation Templates

If you're on a budget, printable templates are a great option. Our shop offers a variety of templates for passport wedding invitations that you can customise and print at home or with our partner Print of Love. This allows you to save on costs while still creating an invitation that looks professional and unique. Plus, it's easy to make changes and adjustments as needed.


1. Sofia Passport Wedding Invitation Suite with Boarding Pass RSVP

Sofia's passport wedding suite effortlessly captures the essence of a grand adventure. Designed to spark excitement for your special day, it includes a passport invitation card, boarding pass-style RSVP, details card, and a wedding day timeline. Upon purchase, promptly sends an access link to personalize this suite. Featuring a customizable world map, the suite also offers individual maps and travel-themed stickers, allowing couples to infuse their own unique touch. Whether printed at home or at a printing centre, the Sofia suite promises to be a beautiful prelude to your destination wedding. 

Shop Sofia | Printable Passport Wedding Invitation with Boarding Pass Rsvp.

passport wedding invitation with boarding pass RSVP


2. Italian Passport Wedding Invitation

Those dreaming of saying "I do" amidst Italy's romantic aura, our Italian passport wedding invitation awaits you. Watercolour lemon and blue tiles provide an authentic Mediterranean touch. This set includes a passport-style invitation, details card, and boarding pass-style RSVP, which is a gateway to Italian vibes, ensuring guests can almost feel the warm sun and hear the distant accordion melodies.

Shop Italian Passport Wedding Invitation Template

italian passport wedding invitation


3. Nautical Passport Wedding Invitation

Our nautical passport wedding invitation is a splendid tribute to love on the high seas. With a navy-gold combination and an iconic anchor gracing its front, this suite is a favourite among couples tying the knot with a maritime theme or on a cruise. Complementing this is a boarding pass RSVP card, weaving the theme of love, adventure, and celebration seamlessly.

Shop Nautical Passport Wedding Invitation Template

nautical passport wedding invitation template


4. Tropical Passport Wedding Invitation

 Our tropical-themed passport wedding invitation captures the essence of exotic locales like the Bahamas and Hawaii. With a DIY printable invite and a boarding pass-style RSVP, this invitation sets the stage for a memorable beach celebration.

Shop Tropical Passport Wedding Invitation Template.

tropical passport wedding invitation template


Eco-Friendly Passport Digital Invitations

If you prefer to go paperless, digital invitations are a fantastic option. They're eco-friendly and can be sent to your guests via email or social media. Take a look at our shop, which offers a plethora of affordable templates. This option is also great for last-minute changes and updates, as you can quickly edit and re-send the invite.


5. Sofia’s Digital Passport Wedding Invitation

 Sofia's passport wedding evite is a modern twist on a classic theme. It allows couples to tweak wording, maps, fonts, and colours to reflect their journey. And the best part? A free demo lets you play around before committing, ensuring your digital invite is perfect.

Shop Sofia | Passport Wedding Invitation Digital.

digital passport wedding invitation template


6. Sofia | Digital Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

Jet off to a new journey with our Sofia boarding pass-style digital wedding invitation. This innovative design allows couples to customize a map reflecting their unique wedding destination. Add to the invite playful travel stickers and airplane graphics, making it the ultimate prelude to your destination wedding.

Shop Sofia | Digital Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

boarding pass digital invitation


7. Mira | Digital Boarding Pass Tropical Wedding Invitation

Whisk your guests to a sun-kissed shore with the Mira digital evite. Adorned with delicate watercolour illustrations of serene beaches and majestic palm trees, it exudes the essence of a tropical paradise. This set included the invitation for the essential wedding information, a detailed card, RSVP card, and the order of the day, ensuring your guests are well-informed and eagerly anticipating the celebration.

Shop Digital Boarding Pass Tropical Wedding Invitation

boarding pass tropical wedding invitation digital


8. Digital Passport Invitation Wedding Tropical Theme

Transport your guests to an island oasis with this digital passport-themed invitation. Imprinted with lush tropical palm leaves, its design is as inviting as the warm tropical breezes. Designed for the modern couple, it's perfect for a swift share via text, WhatsApp, or email, ensuring your guests receive their exclusive invite with ease and convenience.

Shop Digital Passport Invitation Wedding Tropical Theme

digital passport wedding invitation tropical theme

Travel Theme Animated invites

 Animated invites are a great way to add some fun and excitement to your event. You can choose a design that reflects your destination, add your photos and favorite music to make it more personal. These invites can be sent via email and are perfect for couples  who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.


9. Animated Passport Wedding Invitation Video Template

 Why just tell when you can show? Our passport-styled animated wedding invitation is elegance redefined in white and gold, creating an immersive experience right from the start. Ideal for travel-themed or destination weddings, it's a breeze to personalise with Canva’s Free App. Add your personal photos, custom text, and even background music to craft a mesmerising video invitation that's as unique as your love story. Shop Sofia | Destination Wedding Invitation Video Template


10. Sofia | Destination Wedding Invitation Video

The Sofia animated invite is designed with travel in mind, showcasing passport and boarding pass elements. Personalize it with pictures of your wedding venue and engagement photos. Plus, add your favourite tunes. We make this video on demand: you provide the details and photos, and we do the crafting. Great for those short on time or preferring a hands-off approach.

Shop Sofia | Destination Wedding Invitation Video

Timing Matters: When to Send Your Passport Wedding Invitations

When planning a destination wedding, timing is crucial – especially when it comes to sending out your invitations. With guests needing to plan travel arrangements, book accommodations, possibly secure visas, or take time off work, it's important to give them ample notice. Here's a general guideline:

  • Save the Dates: These should be sent out 9-12 months before the wedding. This gives guests an initial heads-up to block the dates, consider their finances, and begin planning their trip.
  • Official Passport Wedding Invitations: Aim to send these 4-6 months in advance. This allows guests sufficient time to finalise travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, and other necessary preparations.
  • RSVPs: It's a good practice to ask for RSVPs about 2-3 months before the big day. This ensures you have enough time to finalise headcounts, catering, seating arrangements, and other logistical details.

Keep in mind the earlier, the better. The unique nature of destination weddings requires more preparation for your guests. By giving them ample notice, you ensure they can comfortably plan their journey to join you on your special day.


Bonus Tip: How to DIY a Passport Wedding Invitations

For those couples who love the idea of DIY-ing their own wedding invitations, we've put together a guide to show you step-by-step how to edit our passport wedding invitation templates using the online editor Corjl. Crafting your own passport wedding invitation not only adds a personalized touch but also provides a unique opportunity to embed your individual style and narrative into every detail. Dive into our detailed guide on How to DIY a Passport Wedding Invitation using our templates for all the insights, design tips, and inspiration you'll need to create an invite that resonates deeply with your love story.


Want More? 

Discover our unique collection of passport wedding invitations and find the one that speaks to your heart and that your guests will never forget, because every love story is unique, and so should be its invitation!

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