How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for a Wedding?

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Giving money as a wedding gift has become a common practice, however, some couples still shy away from expressing their preference for cash instead of gifts. That’s where wedding money poems and wishing well wording come to your aid!

You cannot deny that we are seeing more and more couples choosing this option instead of gifts, so why not tailor everything to your own preferences? Embrace the change and let go of the traditions! Still, you need to know the pro tip to pull this off.

Basically, the secret of asking for cash instead of traditional wedding gifts properly lies in the art of conveying your message without sounding rude - in the most appropriate and rightful manner. When done politely and properly, the request will be happily considered. That being said, below you will find the best foolproof techniques that will help you to get your work done without sounding rude, offensive, or embarrassed.

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Wedding money poems

A wedding money poem is the simplest way to send a polite message about your desired preferences. When it comes to the wording in your invites, it may become quite tricky when asking for money as a wedding gift, but with these short and cute wedding money poems, you can convey your message easily.

Poem cards are a fun and tactful way of asking for a particular wedding gift. If you are anxious about this, let us crack a simple code for you; your loved ones will be more than happy to receive a clear message about what you want on your big day. This will also help the guests to schedule their budget and not spend money on any unnecessary item that you wouldn’t want as a gift. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Spread the word

Technology proves to be of great help when it comes to spreading the word. Your wedding website is the perfect place to talk about your preferences and expressing your likes and dislikes. This will also give your guests a clue about what you are expecting as a “gift” from them on the big day. This is an indirect but very subtle way of delivering the message. So definitely go for it!

Be very clear and upfront about how you will use the money

If you are planning on asking for cash as a wedding gift, it is very important to be upfront with your guests about how you will use the money. Maybe it is for a lavish honeymoon, new car, or home renovation? Maybe you are thinking of using it for the downpayment of a new home. Whatever the reason is, share it with your guests on your website. Your guests will appreciate you for your honesty.

Polite wishing-well wording

It's an uncomfortable approach to ask for money but with proper and polite wishing-well wording, you can clearly translate your message and eliminate any misunderstandings. 

Wedding money poems and wishing-well wording are amongst the most subtle ways of asking for money instead of a gift. You can even place a card box at the reception without feeling guilty if you have a good “base” to begin with. As a shortcut, you can download this amazing poem collection by simply clicking on the link. You see? Your job is done, it's that simple! If you still feel challenged, reach out to us, we would be more than happy to help you!

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