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Let’s be honest, there is nothing more pleasant than the feeling of personalizing your special day, and that includes wedding invitations templates as well! If you haven’t heard by now, those templates are semi-customizable designs that you can later alter and print yourself. What does that mean? It means that you will get to be creative and infuse the designs with your authentic personal touch. 

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Pros & Cons of printing your own wedding invitations template

Pros: While working with a designer on a bespoke aesthetic would take more time until you both get the perfect desired result, the printable templates will save you valuable time but also reduce anxiety. Because this time you will choose a design that you already like, you will have days to play with it and tailor it to your liking. This will also reduce the stress of waiting and constantly modifying a design that would be started from scratch. Basically, with the semi-customizable template, you will actually have fun and even elevated enjoyment knowing that you will be partly responsible for the outcome. Joy beats stress, right?

Cons: Take into consideration that you will need a printer that will print your wedding invitations template in high quality, you won’t spend time to personalize them if they look half of what you wish them to be. If you have that opportunity, then based on the guest list, think about the ink supply to keep refreshing the printer - especially if you have a long list. Not familiar with printing? That is perfectly fine, you can opt for a print shop, but make sure that it is a local one. If you’re considering a professional printer, we recommend “Prints of Love”. Our shop has partnered with them to offer fast, high-quality and affordable printing.

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Tips on how to edit & personalize

Naturally, the wedding invitations template is already pre-designed, that is why you are choosing it in the first place. If you are already in love with the design, you can choose to modify only the wording and curate an invitation that will have your own relevant information. On the other hand, if you wish to get creative with the template and customize it, you will be able to change, for example, the fonts, colours and other minor details. If you wish for colours or fonts that are more playful, feel free to do so - it is your special day, your rules! Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix & match styles that will reflect the theme of your wedding.


In our shop, we have semi-customizable wedding invitation template sets that are versatile in terms of style and themes. You can customize the templates yourself or if you already have enough on your plate you can ask us to do it for you. Have you already chosen your style? Then you will easily find it in our shop! From rustic florals to geometric designs, and on the plus side, you can easily edit the templates in the Corjl software - don’t worry, you don’t need special skills for this and it is quite simple!

 make your own wedding invitations

Feel free to head to our shop and purchase your desired product! If you are feeling on the fence or have more questions about the editing, by all means, get in touch! We will be glad to be of assistance in any way possible.

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