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When it comes to setting the style and mood of your wedding ceremony, the wedding program is very important. After all, what can be better than formally announcing your wedding party and by making your guests feel more welcomed and included? These specially designed programs provide you with the ideal opportunity to write personalized notes to your wedding guests and keep your near and dear ones well-aware of the wedding day proceedings. 

Why Should You Have a Wedding Program?

Although the wedding program is optional, it can be a great addition to your big day. We always recommend including them because of the sentimental value they hold for all those who’ve come to celebrate your love. They are welcomed by the guests cordially and genially. By outlining the events in your program design, they will feel included and appreciated. Along with that, it will set the foundation of the bridal theme and serve as the beautiful reminder of the celebration too.

Flora | Rustic wedding program

What to include in the wedding program

You might be wondering about what to include in the wedding program to make your event even more special. Don’t worry at all because we have got all the solutions for you under a single roof!

The date, day, and time of your wedding ceremony

These things constitute the cover of your wedding program. You can even customize this part to make it match your theme. Other things in this part may include the venue, direction of reception (if you are opting for a destination wedding or unique venue) your names. 

After crafting the cover, it is suggested to list the order of events in a correct way. This is especially important if you are conducting a religious or traditional ceremony. This helps the guests to get an insight into the wedding celebration and makes them feel included. The foremost purpose of the program is to enlist the order of wedding processionals.

Order of events

The regular order of events is as follows:

  • Processional songs and music
  • Greetings
  • A dedication for the close people who have played part in couple’s story
  • Your love story (optional)
  • Religious readings
  • Exchange of vows and ring ceremony
  • Unity ceremony
  • A formal announcement of marriage and the presentation of the couple
  • Recessional music

Here’s a pro tip for you: if you want to make your event memorable, you can customize and personalize the above-mentioned order according to your tradition and religion. You will be surprised by the impact that this piece of stationery holds.

Flora Wedding Program

Flora | Rustic Wedding Program Template by Creativethings Studio

Details of the Officiant and Wedding Party

Wedding programs are not limited to enlisting the order of events, they also include the names of the members of your wedding party and their authorized roles such as:

  • Parents of the bride
  • Parents of the groom
  • Officiant
  • Grandparents of the bride
  • Grandparents of the groom
  • Maid or matron of honour
  • Best man
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen
  • Readers
  • Flower girl
  • Ring bearers
  • Attendants
  • Ushers
  • Any special guests you’d like to name

You can also include the relationship of each person with the bride and groom. That is utterly optional. Some couples prefer it to be short and to the mark but you can always try new things according to your heart’s desires.

You can also include “Thank you” to express your gratitude to the guests at the end of the ceremony.

Some other optional extras include:
  • A brief explanation of the traditions and rituals of your wedding ceremony. This is advisable if you are conducting a religious marriage.
  • You can also request the audience to come and participate in the ceremony like singing, dancing, and affirmation of marriage.
  • You can also honour a special deceased relative.
  • Short sentences about the maid of honour, best man, and each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen; stating why they are so important to you and you are grateful for their presence at the ceremony.
  • Love quotes about marriage and happiness (optional).

Luisa Wedding Program

Luisa | Eucalyptus Wedding Program Template by Creativethings Studio

What Should Your Wedding Ceremony Program Look Like?

The font, design, and format of your wedding program should be aesthetically pleasing and must follow your wedding theme. Beautifully curated programs impress the guests and leave you and your guest with a keepsake of your special day. If you want to choose the perfect wedding stationery, head over to our shop. We have complete and unique collections ranging from save the dates to wedding programs, thank you cards, and everything in between. The style and font of these templates will leave you astounded and your guests impressed! 

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